Logistics Courier Service

Logistics Courier Services

Welcome to Overseas Air Freight, the leader in worldwide logistics and courier services. At Overseas Air Freight, our mission is to provide exceptional, timely, and cost-effective airfreight, logistics, and courier services for our customers across the globe. Our comprehensive suite of logistics and courier services is designed to deliver an outstanding experience and superior service.

We are a one-stop shop for all of your international airfreight needs. Whether it’s same-day, next-day, deferred, or economy airfreight, we offer a wide range of air cargo services and customized shipping solutions to ensure your freight reaches its destination quickly, safely, and on time.

At Overseas Air Freight, we understand the importance of a timely, secure, and cost-effective shipment of your freight and products. That’s why our experienced professionals go the extra mile to provide customized solutions and tailor our services to your unique shipping needs. With more than 50 years of combined experience, our team of expert professionals offers specialized global logistics, warehousing, supply chain, and shipping services. We specialize in shipping all types of goods ranging from raw materials to heavy industrial equipment.

Our top-of-the-line tracking and tracing systems guarantee secure, timely delivery of all your cargo and products, including large, urgent, or critical shipments. As part of our exceptional services, our team will assist you with customs paperwork and clearance processes and even take care of port-to-door shipments and other related tasks. We understand the challenges of moving large-scale goods, heavy equipment, and containers and provide you with flexible transportation and reliable shipping services.

We are dedicated to providing you with the best international shipping services and maintaining excellent customer service at all times. With a combination of innovative and reliable technology, an extensive network of partnerships, and highly experienced professionals, Overseas Air Freight ensures superior performance and impeccable services every single time. Get in touch with us to learn more about our full suite of courier services and logistics solutions.

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Overseas Air Freight Seamlessly Delivering Your Packages Worldwide!

Overseas Air Freight provides an efficient and cost-effective international air cargo logistics service that caters to all types of customer needs. The services we provide include efficient door-to-door pickup and delivery of all goods while offering quick turnaround times, insurance, and storage solutions. We are a team of highly skilled professionals, dedicated to offering superior customer service and satisfaction with a quick response time to ensure your shipment gets to its destination without delay. With the use of our advanced technology, we track and monitor shipments to ensure delivery on time and within budget. Additionally, we offer complete logistics services for all goods including ground, air, sea, and multimodal. Through the years, we have developed an outstanding reputation as one of the leading companies for air freight logistics and with our global network, you can be sure your goods will get there safely, quickly, and on time.

Frequently Asked Questions For Logistics Services

What services does Overseas Air Freight provide?

Overseas Air Freight offers complete end-to-end logistics solutions. We specialize in international air freight and cargo shipping, ensuring fast, reliable, and safe delivery of shipments from door to door. We offer a full range of services including storage and warehousing, customs brokerage, supply chain management, customs clearance, and shipment tracking.

What type of items does Overseas Air Freight ship?

We offer international air freight and cargo shipping for any item that is approved for transportation by air. This includes small packages, documents, and freight up to entire palletized shipments of industrial equipment and large bulky items. We offer containerized, partial, and full charters to provide flexibility and meet any transport requirement.

What is the timeframe for delivery?

Our standard delivery timeframe is dependent on the item, the distance of shipment, and the type of service you require. On average, overseas shipments take approximately 4-7 days depending on the size and distance of the shipment.

How long do shipments typically take with Overseas Air Freight?

Shipments with Overseas Air Freight typically arrive at their destination in 1-3 days depending on their location. Our expertly managed network ensures prompt and efficient transport, allowing you to rely on us to get your packages delivered as soon as possible.

What kind of documents does Overseas Air Freight require for air cargo transportation?

To facilitate air cargo transportation, Overseas Air Freight requires an Air Waybill, along with the packing list and customs declaration form. These documents will ensure your shipment arrives at its destination without any issues.

What is the security system at Over Seas Air Freight?

At Over Seas Air Freight, security is a top priority. We are committed to providing the safest air freight shipping environment possible and complying with all applicable laws and regulations. We use secure cargo facilities with advanced CCTV systems, armed guards, and dedicated 24/7 security staff.